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Midsomer Murders

Midsomer Murders (1997-2008)

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Based on the detective novels of author Caroline Graham, the British mystery series Midsomer Murders focuses on the titular slayings that take place in a fictional rural county called (you guessed it) Midsomer. Despite its wealth and uniquely English charm, Midsomer has all sorts of murders thanks to it being populated by all sorts of schemers, backstabbers and overall bad apples. Distinguished older detective Tom Barnaby (John Nettles) and upstart inspector Gavin Troy (Daniel Casey) pursue the baddies in the early seasons, though Tom is eventually replaced by his cousin John Barnaby (Neil Dudgeon). Running from 1997 all the way to today, thanks to its humor and the strange amount of homicides in these wealthy, rural villages, lots of fans noticed some similarities when Hot Fuzz (2007) came out. But one of the main reasons the show built such a buzz, is because whichever Barnaby is barnstorming the area in the course of their investigations, they tend to come upon an impressive amount of sexy, sometimes naked women. Especially outstanding are buxom Brit babe Charlotte Lucas and skinternational movie siren Emily Mortimer. Charlotte plays Sophie Barnaby, who is set to be married when her hubby to be mysteriously dies at the hands of an ancient pistol. Sophie shows off her terrific tatas and a great bum on her episode, so we're sure she'll have no problem replacing the dead dude. Emily played Katherine Lacey, an actress who was doing the dirty deed with her brother until the two turn murderous. We shot a big load to her killer caboongas while she was in hiding, but still riding her man. Beyond that, Jemima Rooper looks super in her purple bra. Why stay in a village with constant killing? Maybe because it's also filled with drop dead hotties like that! There's nothing mid about those ladies! The gorgeous birds of Midsomer Murders prove to be absolutely killer.