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Leap Year

Leap Year (2010)

Great Nudity!

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Rough sex is an unexpected path to personal fulfillment in the Mexican drama Leap Year (2010). Laura (Monica del Carmen) is an outwardly successful writer whose many one-night stands mask a deep depression. When she meets Arturo (Gustavo Sanchez Parra), the two enter into a skintense relationship full of sexual experimentation. The usually introverted Laura reveals to her new lover secrets about her dark past and twisted plans for the future; she plans to kill herself on February 29, the day of her father’s death, and she wants Arturo to help.If you like your flesh sessions wild, this Leap Year has everything- breath play, knife play, water sports, rough sex- all in scenes of explicit full nudity. Extended sex scenes, some lasting as long as seven minutes, form the core of the film, anchored by Monica’s fearless nude perv-formance. It might not be a leap year, but we’re definitely leaping out of our boxers!