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I Am Happiness on Earth

I Am Happiness on Earth (2014)

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Yo soy la felicidad de este mundo (2014), or I Am Happiness on Earth, is a Mexican drama about a filmmaker who views his entire life as if he's looking at it through the lens of a camera. He even pretends to break the fourth wall while going balls deep! Though this gives him a much more artistic view of the world, it also puts him at a distance from those around him, particularly those to whom he is close. Emiliano (Hugo Catalan) is a gay film director who's tasked with filming dancer Gloria Conterras' big new number. But Emiliano is less interested in the choreographed dance routines as he is doing the no pants dance with the tight bodied, barely out of their teens, gang of male dancers. Enter Octavio (Alan Ramirez), which Emiliano does, but one sexy man isn't enough to satisfy the super horny filmmaker. Now, their relationship hangs in the balance as Emilio has to accept life as a one man, man, even after they bring a woman into the mix. The film is very brazen in its sexuality, with lots of graphic male nudity—erect penises and the like. So what's it doing here? Well, there is some spectacular nudity from the film's female star Andrea Portal which really livens things up! Though she never bares full nudity in any one particular scene, she does show off everything in a couple of different scenes! The sum of her parts, if you will. At the 57-minute mark, we get a nice look at her butt as she writhes around on the ground touching herself as the filmmaker imagines how he'd film that action! Four minutes later, we get a good look at her full bush as two guys begin to have their way with her, with one of them attempting to finish on her face! Five minutes after that, we get a nice full frontal shot and then we see her T&A in another scene as she stands near a window! Ignore all the nude dude action and have a look at the lady! Now that's what we call happiness on earth!