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Last Summer

Last Summer (1969)

Brief Nudity


Sandy (Barbara Hershey), Peter (Richard Thomas), and Dan (Bruce Davison) form the affluent teenage trio at the core of the action in the coming-of-age saga Last Summer (1969). The movie’s heart, however, belongs to Catherine Burns as Rhoda, a shy Ohio girl who meets the trio as they spend the swelter season on New York’s Fire Island. Sandy's trying to save an injured seagull when Peter and Dan first meet her, but they're way more interested in double teaming her than keeping the gull alive. Sandy's well aware of this, and seems to take a ton of pleasure in torturing them with her sexual teases. They run into the younger, chubbier, far less sexy Midwesterner Rhoda (Catherine Burns) who starts to fall for Peter. Because what girl didn't want to take it off for John-Boy? The gang like to mess with single men via a computer dating service, essentially catfishing them and standing them up. But while she's desperate to fit in, Rhoda soon realizes her friends are huge jerks. Will she stand up for her morals or keep following Sandy down a very dark path? To say the ending of this one was controversial is an understatement, but it's a bit tough to take the movie seriously after finding out it caused one time Mrs. Steven Seagal, Barbara Hershey to change her name to Barbara Seagull for a few years. Catherine Burns might have scored the "Best Supporting Actress" nomination for her work in this one, but we most supported her decision to show there are some good breasts in the Midwest by unleashing her milkers while undressing for a fella. Aside from its poignancy, Last Summer is further notable as the first time Barbara Hershey showed her topless Hershey kisses on screen. And they are tasty! You won't last long looking at those Hershey hoots in Last Summer!