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Last Summer

Last Summer (2021)

No Nudity


The Turkish rom-dram Geçen Yaz (2021), or Last Summer, deals with that oldest of age problems... the love triangle. Teenager Deniz (Fatih Berk Sahin) is on summer vacation with his family in a quaint beachside town in Turkey where Asli (Ece Çesmioglu), his childhood crush, is also vacationing with her family. Although Deniz is not quite as confident in himself as he might like, he's certainly grown in his confidence over the years and has finally decided that this will be the summer when he lets Asli know his true feelings in the hope that she will reciprocate said feelings and they can return to home after the summer as a couple. Of course, life has other plans as Deniz soon discovers that Asli has is also being aggressively pursued by local hot shot Burak (Halit Özgür Sari) a hunky older guy with whom Deniz couldn't possibly compete. Not wanting to waste all of this newfound confidence, Deniz decides to move forward with his plan anyway, knowing that he's going to be almost entirely out of his league in his pursuit of Asli alongside Burak, but the pain of not being with her is probably more severe than any pain he'll experience from being rejected. Heartbreak and unrequited love is all part of growing up, whether you're Turkish or any other nationality. Sadly the flick doesn't have any nudity to speak of, though there's plenty of eye candy with sexy uncredited extras populating nearly every scene! Ece Çesmioglu does spend a substantial portion of her screen time in teeny bikinis though, while co-star Aslíhan Malbora also has an astonishingly sexy bikini bod! Last Summer will make you the First Cummer!