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Keep It in the Family (1973)

Great Nudity!


Two young adults named Alex and Karen are living together, but they feel like they need to move to a new apartment. The one that they want is out of their price range, so they ask their parents for some money to help them out. The parents refuse to give them any money, so the pair feels powerless. To get back at them, they decide to use seduction as their form of revenge. Karen will try to get Alex’s father to sleep with her and Alex will try to get Karen’s mother to do the same. Both of them find jobs working for each other’s parents. Their plan works and both successfully seduce their targets, but then each of them begins to get jealous of the other’s continual affair. Adrienne Larusa plays Karen in Keep It in the Family (1973). Before getting into the bathtub she shows us her pink panties, and a smidgen of sideboob. When she’s all sudsed up with her dude, we get a better look at her boobs. If you keep showing those mammaries, we’ll keep it in the family!


Adrienne Larussa

Nude - as Karen

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