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Betty (2020-2021) Sexy, sexy
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Often known as "Moonbear", Kabrina Adams is more well-known for her online activism and skateboarding than she is as an actress. In her early 20’s she started an all female, NYC based skate group called Skate Kitchen which encourages women to skate and be themselves. She also runs a website that fights for female equality, and is working for laws and regulations that will allow women to walk around topless in public, just like men can. Equality via showing your cans? We salute that work! As far as acting, while she'd done some short films before, she really made her mark in the movie based on her creation where many skaters played themselves, Skate Kitchen (2018). True to her cause, we see Kabrina’s boobs in a few skating scenes where she wears an open shirt. Sadly, since her cause hasn't quite gotten to be an acknowledged right, she is wearing pasties in all of these scenes, but her rack is still very impressive. Not that we wanna make a big deal about seeing her pair in public. We think we could still do a kickflip after a solid hour of drooling over her nips. We might be able to drop in on a halfpipe with a half chub once we stopped obsessing over laying the pipe. Pretty much all the stars of Skate Kitchen moved on to the very similar HBO drama Betty, where Kabrina plays the aspiring filmmaker Honeybear. While she brings back the open shirt pasty look and even makes out with a woman on the street, what's really the bee's knees is when we finally get to see Kabrina legit topless in a lesbian sex scene with Katerina Tannenbaum. As much as we appreciate her topless activism, we'd be over the moon if Kabrina Adams went fully bare!