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Spiral (2005-2012) Nude, breasts Ep. 04x03 | 00:43:30 Judith Chemla rides a lucky guy in bed! (7 secs)
Spiral (2005-2012) Sexy, sexy, underwear
Spiral (2005-2012) Nude, breasts Ep. 04x12 | 00:39:21 Boobs on Judith Chemla while she's on top of a guy! (37 secs)
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No set of artificial concoctions conjured up in a chem lab could get our cocks as infatuated with an elegant Frenchwoman as simply seeing Judith Chemla sans her clothes. After training at the National Conservatory of Dramatic Art of Paris, Judith made her acting debut in the 2007 horror comedy Hellphone. But Judith rang in her nude career in the 2008 drama Versailles, where she showed off her rack, rump, and rug in a display of front flashing worthy of the Sun King himself. She headed to the small screen in the French crime drama Spiral, which showed her tight body a couple of times, but featured nothing especially vivid. If you'd like to really get your head spinning, your better bet would be to her long, fully nude walk in the woods in the made for adults Snow White adaptation, Mirror, My Love (2012). Let's just say the long look at her dark black bush will have the other six dwarves asking for one of Sneezy's tissues. A skinny dip turns into a clothed sexy dance after she dives into a pool naked in Camille Rewinds (2012). The dive gets an eight, the dance shows she's a ten. Judith's most recent nudity came in the paranormal love story Burning Ghost (2019). In the movie about a dead man who gets recognized by a woman who knew him when he was living, she goes for a nice ride on top of the specter, her vag making him ectoplasm, his spirit stick driving her to a loud orgasm. Then she goes for a long, nude walk around her apartment the next morning and we see why no man would ever ghost Judith. These days Judith is starring in the murder mystery Possessions. Hopefully she shows more of her body. She possesses one of the best ones currently seen on screen.


Burning Ghost (2019) - as Agathe

Nude, breasts, bush, butt 00:45:30 Judith lays on her side in bed in this long sequence that shows off every nude part of her body from her boobs to her hairy bush. (1 min)
Nude, breasts, bush, butt 00:56:37 Judith Chemla lays naked in the bed and you can make out all 3 B's on this copper top (and bottom). (1 min 29 secs)
Nude, bush 00:43:19 Judith Chemla gets on top of her man naked. This redhead manages to show her bush, but keeps her top on. (24 secs)
Nude, butt, breasts 00:59:30 Judith Chemla wakes up topless to answer her phone. When she stands, we can see her ass. (22 secs)

A Woman's Life (2016) - as Jeanne Le Perthuis des Vauds

Tout est permis (2014) - as Claire

Camille Rewinds (2012) - as Josepha

Nude, breasts, bush, butt Camille is fully nude when she dives off of the high dive, then she dons a shirt and panties to prance and dance around the pool. She's an odd little stork, but sexy! (45 secs)

Fuir (2012) - as Marie

Mirror My Love (2012) - as Blanche Neige

Nude, breasts, bush Judith heads out into the woods and threatens to stab herself with a ceremonial knife. The good news? She's completely naked! (1 min 14 secs)

Versailles (2008) - as Nina

Nude, butt, breasts, bush See Judy's booty and FFN when she makes it with her man by a bonfire. (1 min 44 secs)
Nude, breasts, butt Catch Chemla's chestal region and great ass when she gets out of bed. (1 min 25 secs)

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Spiral (2005-2012) - as Sophie

Nude, breasts Ep. 04x03 | 00:43:30 Judith Chemla rides a lucky guy in bed! (7 secs)
Nude, breasts Ep. 04x12 | 00:39:21 Boobs on Judith Chemla while she's on top of a guy! (37 secs)
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