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Jett (2019)

Great Nudity!


Cinemax's Jett follows Daisy "Jett" Kowalski (Carla Gugino) a fresh outta the joint former world class thief who plans to live a boring life with her daughter (Violet McGraw), and her mysterious bilingual bestie Maria (Elena Anaya). But when Jett gets recruited by the local crime kingpin Charlie Baudelaire (Giancarlo Esposito) to steal a ring from one of his rivals, Jett decides to get back into the thieving game. But once she's back to stealing, Jett finds every step she takes she ends up deeper and deeper into the crime world, with double crossers, old enemies, and all sorts of other issue popping up! With all due respect to dodging lasers, or putting on fake beards, Jett knows there's no better way to steal from a dude than to distract them with a great set! So, unsurprisingly, there's all sorts of great nudity on the show. Carla Gugino will have you gooing all over yourself with her amazing nudity. Her ass is awesome, which we know thanks to a naked stroll she takes after doing the deed with Mr. Esposito, while Lucy Walters keeps things a little more clothed when she shows up onscreen in just a red negligee. Maria might be mysterious, but Elena Anaya leaves nothing to the imagination thanks to a three B baring skinny dipping scene. You'll polish your knob to that girl who likes to rob! Other girls who get their clothes stolen off their body include Jodie Turner-Smith who actually gets nude when she's undressed in a sex scene and her panties come off. Look at her smooth bush! There's a snatch we'd like to grab! She then gets on top of her man and shows some breast and buns on her smooth dark chocolate skin. Lucy Walters shows ass and bush in a darkly lit scene, but most of the nudity comes from girls playing some non-thieving strippers, like Nola Palmer, Christina Ritchey, and Alice Tate. But the best scene comes when Gaite Jansen is tasked with distracting some construction workers, so she just takes her top off and stands there. That'll do it! There are so many scene stealing women showing skin on Jett!