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Keywords: No Nudity, Asian, Large Breasts, Real Breasts, Skinny Body

Nude Roles: 1

Date of Birth: 08/14/88

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Zombie Fight Club (2014) Sexy, sexy, underwear
Zombie Fight Club (2014) Nude, breasts, butt, lesbian 01:10:23 Jessica briefly bares boobs and butt while making out with a dominatrix in the shower! (1 min 17 secs)
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Half white and half Filipino, the Chicago-born Jessica Cambensy has an exotic look that lands her all kinds of sensual roles around the world, like some kind of sexy chameleon. But though this Midwestern girl is from the heartland of America, and we'd be happy to have her back home, she's been acting exclusively in the Far East over the course of her career. Jessica got her start in the silly volleyball rivalry comedy Beach Spike (2011), before moving on to the Chinese crime caper Double Trouble (2012). She's never shown her doubles, but her real show-stopping role came in the zombies versus prisoners flick Zombie Fight Club (2014), where she plays Jenny, the girlfriend of the most talented killer of the undead. Jessica spends a lot of the film in a squeaky-clean white bra that lifts her melons up most enticingly, but also wears a skin-tight, see-through tank top that sticks to her tight body. Her perky nipples pierce right through it and Mr. Skin is begging her to take it off. She never does, but we do get a look at her butt when she makes out with a dominatrix in the shower. Join Project Mayhem and get your face squeezed between Bob's tits during a good cry session, or risk getting your face chewed off for the chance to squeeze Jessica's tits after some zombie killing. Your choice, snowflake. I am Jack's difficult decision. I am risking becoming dinner to jack it all over Cambensy's cans. Most recently Jessica joined the Malaysian kick ass girl actioner, Special Female Force (2016), which must refer to the force girls like Jessica have over men. Off screen, Jessica is married to Andy On, a Chinese martial arts actor known for movies like Invisible Target (2007) and Michael Mann's hacker thriller Blackhat (2015). Hopefully Mr. On is cool with Jessica taking her clothes off!