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Jenseits (2000)

Brief Nudity


While a prosecutor is driving along one day, he accidently hits a kid riding a bike. Although he finds the child’s mother, he doesn’t tell her exactly what happened. Being in the powerful position that he’s in for his lawyerly line of work, he has the upper hand in the court case where he attempts to utilize his manipulating skills in order to dodge a verdict confirming his guilt. In this German TV movie drama, themes of justice against the rule of law and the inherently flawed judicial system get played out when focusing on one man’s reckless actions that took the life of an innocent kid. The suspense builds towards an intense resolution.

Anja Kling plays Elke Mund, mother of the child who got hit on the bike, Matthais Mund. And this total MILF lifts off her top at one point and just barely gets her milkers on screen. Not to worry, another shot of her tight underweared butt is also there as eye candy . But don’t Kling to this movie too much, this is all we get as far as nudity.