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Jaws (1975)

Brief Nudity

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When the star of a movie is a killer shark that steals every scene, it’s easy to forget the human side of cinematic storytelling — unless, of course, that human is a beautiful blonde. The plot of the blockbuster Jaws (1975) is universally known as something along the lines of Herman Melville’s classic “Moby-Dick” (1851). Man is menaced by a monster of the deep. Man takes umbrage and vows to track the leviathan to a watery grave. Man gets off on seeing a naked lady! Granted, the latter sentiment applies to Steven Spielberg’s big screen adaptation of Peter Benchley’s bestseller “Jaws” (1974). Thanks to her nude debut, built babe Susan Backlinie puts the thrills into this action thriller. Silhouetted side breastage and some underlit bunnage is what Susie Sharkfood exposes when she heads for the water at the start of the movie. Perhaps that’s why the PG-13 rated flick picked up an Oscar nomination for Best Motion Picture and was chosen as Favorite Movie at the People’s Choice Awards. If that’s not impressive enough, its massive ticket sales rank Jaws as the seventh highest grossing film of all time. Heaven knows, Ms. Backlinie’s revealing role generated a ton of interest in spank banks all over the world! After peeling off her slinky bikini, the gorgeous ingénue jumps into the ocean for some skinny-dipping. The skintastic act means we get to glimpse at hints of her bearded clam from the shark’s point of view. No wonder the creature couldn’t resist taking a nibble!