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Inspektor Rolle - Herz in Not (2004)

Brief Nudity

A police inspector named Ringo Rolle takes his daughter, Anna, to a music festival because she’s in love with one of the headliners, Ray Love. As the star progresses through his set, he suddenly dies in front of his screaming fans. Ringo Rolle, having witnessed the event first hand, takes it upon himself to lead the investigation. He goes through a number of Love’s friends and colleagues to see who may have had a motive to kill him. One person of specific interest is Mark Kaiser, a producer who groomed Love for stardom. Rolle discovers that before his death, Love wanted to part ways with Kaiser. Malina Ebert in the film takes off her red robe as she enters the bathroom. As she does we see a peek of behind when walking toward the door, and then in the shower, catch a little bit of side tit. Looks like this screencap needs a little closer inspecting.


Malina Ebert

Nude - as Sue Summer

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