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Imitation Girl (2017)

Brief Nudity

(0:08) Lauren Ashley Carter walking through a desert road in a short slip that explains her legs and stockings. May be able to make out some nipplage through the fabric.
(0:10) Lauren Ashley Carter in dressing room strips to her bra to put on a cheerleading outfit.
(0:26) A woman walks in on Lauren Ashley Carter in the bedroom. She is standing by the window and has on no top so we see her right breast as she turns and smiles.
 (0:41) Lauren Ashley Carter and Marsha Stefanie Blake begin some light necking but it goes no further.
(0:47) Nice legs on Lauren Ashley Carter in jean shorts sitting on the lawn.
(0:53) Lauren Ashley Carter is being made love to. We have an aerial view with the guy blocking her so we only see a bit of leg and some side stomach and shoulders.
(0:55) Lauren Ashley Carter is in her bra in the bathroom then has a tirade when her cocaine is flushed down the toilet.
(0;58) Lauren Ashley Carter is in the bathtub seemingly checking out the parts of her body. She is under the water so its kind of an off-center hazy look at her bush and breasts. Which you can see if you try. 
(1:03) Peekdown left breast on Lauren Ashley Carter as she rushes out of bed and her T-shirt comes down.


Lauren Ashley Carter

Julianna Fox / Imitation

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