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Entrails of a Virgin

Entrails of a Virgin (1986)

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If you wanted sex and violence in your Japanese cinema back in the go-go ’80s, then your go-to director was Kazuo “Gaira” Komizu, and he was never filthier than in his classic tale of depravity Entrails of a Virgin (1986). Similar to a slasher flick in set-up, Entrails follows a crew of hot models and their voyeuristic photographers as they set up some softcore scenes in the woods. By nightfall, they hunker down in an abandoned cabin and couple up to vent the pent-up sexual energies built over the photo shoot. That’s when the giant penis monster comes in to show the women what a real good time is and send the men to their makers. While intentionally goofy, first-time skinsters Naomi Hagio and Megumi Kawashima make a serious play for sexiest nubies of nudity, while future Angel Guts: Red Vertigo (1988) star Saeko Kizuki knows her way around big monster dick. Your monster will come out to play as well.