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Hostiles (2014)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


Hostiles (2014) explores a relationship founded on voyeurism and sadomasochism that becomes even more troubled when the man, Bastien, tells his lover Sarah about his last girlfriend and their ill-fated excursion into the woods. What she learns about the fate of Bastien's last love Elise, will ultimately determine what she'll need to do to escape his clutches and survive. Otherwise the past might repeat itself. If anything bares repeating though it is Helen Senot's scene 22 minutes in where she lounges in bed next to her fella, fully topless as the birds-eye camera angle zips around her body like a mosquito. In the mood for something a little kinkier, she mounts him and swigs some water before pouring it out of her mouth and back into his, proving regurgitation isn't just for the birds. Given how dark things are going to get for this couple, these spit takes are almost sweet and affectionate by comparison. But even if the fluid transfer is too much for you, the svelte Senot sans top is still worth a look.