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Horrible Bosses

Horrible Bosses (2011)

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Jason Bateman, Jason Sudekis and Charlie Day are a trio of working stiffs with Horrible Bosses (2011). Kevin Spacey is our first horrible boss, a corporate suit conspiring to ruin Nick (Bateman)’s reputation. Colin Farrell, our second, is a greasy sleazeball who orders Kurt (Sudekis) to fire people based on looks. Rounding out this terrible trio is Jennifer Aniston, a horny orthodontist who continually sexually harasses her assistant Dale (Day). After a few too many drinks and some advice from a shady ex-con (Jamie Foxx), these put-upon pencil pushers decide to murder the bosses that are making their lives hell.

After a long string of tepid romantic comedies, Jennifer Aniston returns to her sexy 90’s comedic form in Horrible Bosses with a hilarious- and hot- role as the perpetually primed Dr. Julia Harris. In a desperate attempt to seduce Charlie Day, she does a seductive living-room show in black bra, panties and a lacy garter belt, looking tan, slim and sexy as she licks a popsicle, deep throats a banana and a sucks on a hot dog. If Mr. Skin’s boss looked like that, he’d be putting in overtime!