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High Maintenance

High Maintenance (2016-2020)

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Actor and writer Ben Sinclair plays a nameless marijuana delivery guy known simply as "The Guy" in the HBO series High Maintenance. Sinclair and his wife–writer and director Katja Blichfeld—created this as a web series in 2012, but HBO brought it to a much wider audience in the late summer of 2016! Sinclair's character intertwines with the lives of dozens of other New Yorkers as he regularly traverses the city doling out the product that brings them all together... That sweet, sweet cheeba! Since the series is now on HBO, there's nudity - a lot of it. From the debut episode alone, we saw Hélene Yorke! After that, we saw some showgirls in their undies like Marisol Miranda and Shaz Raja in their bras and Cathy Trien showing off boob tassels. Ismenia Mendes shows up in her underwear in another episode, but in the sixth episode of the first season, Cynthia Granville goes full frontal in her nudist episode.

In the second season, we start off in episode one with Natalie Joy Johnson's bare breasts to please your johnson. Next up there is sexy cleavage from Gina Piersanti, Kayla Janowitz, Brenna Palughi, Celine Delepiere, and Marcia DeBonis. Alex Auder shows her bush and her buttcheeks in a sexy bathing suit. In episode ten, Nyseli Vega unbuttons her shirt to show her nipple piercing. 

The third season starts with Britt Lower showing her pokies in a white tank top. She's clearly not wearing a bra! Comedian Catherine Cohen had her nude debut by flashing her breast in the second episode of season three. In the fifth episode, Margaret Cho and Hye Yun Park have a sexy lesbian scene. Jenn Harris also shows up and shows her perky pair in the dark. 

The fourth season begins with a sex scene from Natalie Woolams-Torres who keeps a neglige on during the act. Rebecca Hall shows off her red bra in a spicy episode, but things get hotter when Edy Modica shows her hairy bush in episode three. Call us high maintenance, but we like our HBO series nice and nude!


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