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Hangover in Death Valley

Hangover in Death Valley (2018)

Brief Nudity

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We really can't explain a damn thing about this fever dream of a movie...  We can chock up some of it to production errors and maybe poorly recorded audio, but the star power that is packed into this basically zero budget movie is about as impressive as it comes!  So we are basically just dropped into the middle of the dessert outside of Las Vegas with a Jewish themed Blues Brothers parody band on their way to a gig.  Somehow their car breaks down in the small town of El Dorado where not only there is a ghoulish serial killer chopping up strippers, there is also crooked sheriffs, Vietnam vet mercenaries, a Johnny Depp look-a-like deputy strictly there for exposition purposes, visions of Michael Madsen popping up in the dessert to the main characters and Jeff Fahey who was his old Vietnam buddy?  Oh, and Steve Guttenberg playing a blind entertainment manager/agent of the "Jews Brothers" who sends them to the desert in the first place.  Also, you'll never guess who narrates this too much Nyquil in your system of a dream sequence...  Fucking Peter O'Toole!  That's right, one of the greatest classically trained thespians of all time, Lawrence of Arabia (1962) himself, keeps popping up at random times to move the storyline forward at random times.  WHAT IS HAPPENING???  Also, there is no shortage of dubbed over audio on all the characters at seemingly random times throughout the movie.  Well, it wouldn't be a bizarre movie without some toplessness going on in it too!  So the directors managed to crowbar in a topless poolside scene from the sexy Alexis Caley for your viewing pleasure.  You are genuinely going to be confused by this one, but definitely worth a watch if you're into the absurdity of experimental style films!