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Half Magic

Half Magic (2018)

Brief Nudity

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Ever wanted to see Angela from The Office take it all off? Here's your chance! Written and directed by Heather Graham, Half Magic (2018) is not about any kind of conjuring, it's a movie about female empowerment - particularly the sexual kind. Heather stars in the film as Honey, a screenwriter who can't seem to be taken seriously by her action star boss (Chris D'Elia), who she's also been dating. She meets Candy (Stephanie Beatriz) and Eva (Angela Kinsey) at a Divine Feminine workshop, and the three become fast friends. Candy is contending with a boyfriend who doesn't want to be monogamous but wants her to do his laundry, and Eva still has a thing for her selfish ex-husband, who ran off with a college girl and with whom the sex wasn't particularly great. They use some of the new agey Candy's special "wish candles" in hopes of finding better men and better sex, and there's some great nudity because of it! Stephanie Beatriz spends quite a bit of time in her panties or in some sexy black lingerie while she seduces her man. Wish we had the rizz to land a hotty like that! As she's known for doing onscreen, Heather Graham shows bare boobage while she bones an Australian, then masturbates while she listens to music. Wish we got to see the Honey shot! But the best stuff in this one comes from longtime TV star Angela Kinsey, who shows off her amazing body before a sex scene with Jason Lewis. You don't need to be a student of Alfred Kinsey to understand why seeing that blonde babe's boobs and butt will give you a raging boner. Don't worry about sporting a semi, Half Magic will give you a full hard-on!