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Grown Ups

Grown Ups (2010)

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Comedic all stars and real life buds Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade, and Rob Schneider are former junior high school friends and basketball teammates who reunite for a Fourth of July holiday weekend after their old coach (Blake Clark) dies in the comedy Grown Ups (2010). Sandler's Lenny Feder, the Hollywood agent embarrassed about how rich he is and how out of touch all that money has made his kids. James is Eric Lamonsoff, a lovable loser whose wife babies their kid to an absurd degree. Rock is Kurt McKenzie, a stay at home dad mocked for letting playing the feminine role in his relationship. Spade's Marcus Higgins, who is basically the same as every David Spade role ever, and Schneider is Rob Hilliard, the hippy with a hot daughter. These fellas have remained close since their big win in junior high basketball back in 1978, but haven't hung out in the same way until the big funeral reunion. Together just like the old days, they talk through their problems and try tohelp each other figure out what's wrong with their lives. But amidst their hijinks and fun, the team who they beat in 1978 shows up looking for revenge. It's Sandler and his group against dudes like Steve Buscemi, Tim Meadows, and Colin Quinn in a game of old man basketball. Can the fellas repeat without their coach? Will these middle aged men get over a game from over thirty years ago? Will anyone stop giving Sandler millions of dollars to hang out with his friends and make these destination comedies? They're all winners in our book, since all these jokesters were sure to cast hotties as their wives. There's no skin here, but we do get to see cantastic costars Maria Bello, Maya Rupolph, Madison Riley, Jamie Chung, and Salma Hayek in their bikinis. Seeing that team of MILFs and well in their prime dimes, part of you will be growing watching Grown Ups!