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Gloria Bell

Gloria Bell (2018)

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Gloria Bell (2018) is a remake of Gloria (2013), a Spanish language drama about an older divorcee's disastrous attempt to return to the singles scene. The American version, which was also directed by the original film's director Sebastian Lelio, stars Julianne Moore as Gloria Bell, a woman in her 50s who is free, single and very ready to mingle. She spends her nights dancing at discos, despite being much older than the regular clientele. One day she meets a man named Arnold (John Turturro) that she hits it off with, and suddenly she's thinking she found a fella to spend the rest of her life with. But the paintball arena owner has a few moments that make her wonder if she wasn't better off being alone the whole time. We're sure a woman who looks like Julianne Moore will be just fine finding a man to replace him, especially after seeing Gloria in nearly all her glory! Sure, you've seen her hooters before. Shoot, John Turturro probably remembers them from The Big Lebowski (1998). But those bigums have aged so well you can't help but swell! Yes, Julianne Moore has never looked better than in this one, especially when she is topless as she has a chat on the couch with with Arnold. Who could pay attention to her monologue when her pink nipped pair have your dong stiff as a log? In another great scene, Julianne gets screwed from behind by him, which gives the camera an amazing view of her bouncing breasts as she moans in pleasure. Ring that Gloria's Bell, Arnold! We wish we could see her bush, but sadly she covers hers with a hairless cat in after she hops out of the shower. Doubt she'll end up a cat lady, though, since that is one sexy quinquagenarian! They might not all look like Julianne Moore, but Gloria Bell will have you trying to lay a divorcee!