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After decades of huge Hollywood blockbusters like The Matrix (1999) shamelessly knocking it off, in 2017 the legendary Japanese manga Ghost in the Shell got a big budget, live action adaptation. Unfortunately, it was a box office bomb of epic proportions, in large part due to a ton of controversy over casting the decidedly non-Japanese actress Scarlett Johansson as Major Mira Killian, who is Asian in the manga. Had the filmmakers been smart enough to have Scarlett show her hu-manga-s titties, we doubt many men would've been as upset about Hollywood whitewashing the character! Scarlett plays Major, the former survivor of a terrorist attack who becomes a cyborg consisting of her human brain/soul/"ghost" stuffed into a robotic shell. These days she fights all sorts of bad guys for Section 9, who consistently tell her about surviving the attack as a means of motivating her to kill the evildoers they send her to take out. The problem is, she keeps having all these "glitches" which appear to be memories of her past life and they do not line up with the story she's been told. Ends up, she was a radical anti-cybernetic advocate named Motoko who was kidnapped and programmed to take out the people she used to work with. Dastardly! Now she's pissed off and is going to make sure the dudes who made her meet their maker! If you're gonna choose a shell, you might as well make it one that's hot as Hell, which is certainly the case with Scarlett's. Major is giving us a major boner in her constant form fitting outfits that hug her body as she kicks, punches, shoots and jiggles. Her clothes are so tight during every fight, you'll wonder how her enemies don't beat off as she's beating them up! Far more effective as a tool for masturbation than as a faithful adaptation, Scarlett will make you swell watching Ghost in the Shell!