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Ghabe (2020)

Great Nudity!

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Sweden seems like the most idyllic country on planet earth, it's socially conscious, sometimes warm, and the scenery is beautiful.  And by scenery, we mean both the actual countryside itself and the beautiful bevy of Swedish babes they seem to constantly produce!  For Syrian born refugee Monir (Adel Darwish), landing in Sweden is a true fish out of water experience for him coming from a war torn country in the summer of 2015 with his older cousin.  They are placed in a cabin in the deep woods of rural Sweden and for Monir, the forrest itself is a mystical departure from the norm for him and he falls in love with the woods.  As he wanders the wilderness, he happens upon Moa (Nathalie Williamsdotter) and her friend (Amanda Marlon) skinny dipping at a remote fjord and pretty much falls in love immediately.  As Moa and Monir's path eventually cross in the small town, they find themselves oddly drawn towards one another to the point that a sexual chemistry is undeniable and they begin to not only explore the deep forrest surrounding their homes, but begin to explore each other as well!  As these two begin to grow into more than just friends, they soon find their families, cultures, history, and feelings begin to clash in ways they never saw before, but at least they have the forrest to get naked in together and run around!  It's a true opposite attract romance set to a beautiful forrest backdrop and Nathalie Williamsdotter spending a good portion of this one naked, so definitely enjoy this indie flick from Sweden!