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Gangster (2002)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


Small-time crook Vincent (Frank Giering) and his girlfriend Mona (Laura Maori Tonke) have been dating for some time, but things get out of hand when he finally meets her parents in Gangster (2002). The problem is that Mona’s dad is a cop who instantly recognizes his future son-in-law as a wanted criminal and thus arrests the poor fella. One year later Vincent gets released from prison, fully motivated to live a perfectly legal life. Even Mona offers to take him back if he manages to stay out of trouble for at least one month. In order to get the money needed to start his own business, however, Vincent doesn’t know any other solution than playing poker with the pimp Siggi (Stefan Kurt). Of course he loses. Even worse: Since he didn’t have enough money Vincent used Mona as collateral.