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Faust (1994)

Brief Nudity


Faust was a German TV show that ran for a few years in the mid 90s, and followed an eccentric police commissioner from Hamburg. He would dress in nearly any role, be it clown, biker, taxi driver, and more, to get to the bottom of any case. His normal demeanor was that of a grumpy and anti-social cop, but he could adapt to his projected character to get what he wanted out of anyone. Throughout the series, he had a couple of assistants to back him up in the cases, one of which was commissioner Verena Severin, and later in the series, commissioner Ulrike Krüger.

The blessedly chested Andrea Lüdke appeared in an episode of Faust, showing both T&A in a strip sequence followed by some banging in the bedroom. And more stripping in a later episode via a stage dance from Nele Mueller-Stöfen, where she removes a white top to divulge her tatas. Who wouldn’t want to go under the covers with these fine Frauleins?