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Emmanuelle 2 (1975)

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There might be a million sequels now, including a ton where she somehow goes to space, but back in the 70's the Emmanuelle movies were still taking themselves quite seriously on top of being seriously sexy. The sequel to Emmanuelle (1974) ramps up the nudity and cuts down on the storylines, while switching locales to a completely different Asian nation. The result—an erotic masterpiece full of phenomenal pieces of ass! There's not much character development, themes, or even dialogue in Emmanuelle 2 (1975). Basically, Sylvia Kristel returns in the title role as the young wife Emmanuelle. But whereas the first film was all about her finding herself sexually via good old fashioned fornication, this one's all about her trying some strange new sex stuff. Emmanuelle makes her way to Hong Kong to visit her hubby, and on the boat gets her first taste of girl on girl. Needless to say, she likes it and dykes it. A lot. When her husband can't fulfill her needs, she goes in search of new dong in Hong Kong. Our girl poses as a prostitute in a Hong Kong brothel, goes to a bathhouse where she gets super wet in a good way, and brings in a young virgin (Catherine Rivet) for a threesome with her husband. If you've seen the Black Emmanuelle (1975) spinoff, you might recognize its star Laura Gemser as the lovely masseuse giving Catherine Rivet a naked massage. Once they're all loosened up, Sylvia adds the meat to a tasty lesbo sandwich by grinding her naked body against Catherine's kitty. Seeing all that full frontal ebony and ivory action from Laura and Catherine is riveting! But if you're here for Emmanuelle, don't worry. Sylvia Kristel gives us a crystal clear look at her cans while she seduces her man, only for a phone call to interrupt the action. Rule number one, hang up when your wang's up! Just as good as the original, you'll spew your goo to Emmanuelle 2!