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El bronco

El bronco (1982)

No Nudity


El bronco (1982) is a cult classic Mexican action film about a quartet of criminals who pull off a daring bank robbery. During the getaway, however, they end up murdering a man and kidnapping his daughter (Maribel Guardia). The murdered man's son turns out to be a police officer who wants vengeance, and will stop at nothing to get it. He rounds up a posse of men to hunt down the robbers and rescue his sister. The absolutely stunning Maribel Guardia spends a significant portion of the film in nothing but a bathing suit! Though we don't get any real nudity from her, there is a faraway topless shot of her climbing out of the water and onto a boat. Other than that, it's mostly just her looking super sexy in a purple bikini and a black one piece that show off a ton of cleavage! El bronco will have you bucking hard!