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Drop Dead Sexy

Drop Dead Sexy (2005)

No Nudity

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An unemployed bum (Jason Lee) and his gravedigger buddy (Crispin Glover) concoct a hare-brained scheme to make fast cash in the irreverent B-movie Drop Dead Sexy (2005). When a mob deal goes sour, the two friends find themselves in a bit of hot water. Desperate for cash, they decide to dig up the corpse of a wealthy woman who went to the grave wearing her finest gold, silver, and diamonds. Fencing the jewelry seems like a quick fix to their problems, but the friends aren’t prepared for a necrophiliac night watchman, an unhinged coroner, and the other obstacles standing in their way. Fortunately cadavers aren’t the only female flesh on display in Michael Philip’s film, as the director enlists a bevy of babes to strip down to their birthday suits. Audrey Marie Anderson, Amber Heard, Melissa Keller, Diane Klimaszewski, and Elaine Klimaszewski all answer the call in sensationally sinful scenes.