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Bad Meat

Bad Meat (2003)

No Nudity

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Loser twosome Lance Barber and Billie Worley are upbeat pals in a deadbeat town that's home to a junkyard, a meat-packing plant, and big dreams that lead to crazy schemes in Bad Meat (2003). While Billie busies himself with little more than plans to marry Melissa Fosse-Dunne (who just happens to be the only available lady in town), Lance fancies himself something special. In his mind, he's a big-deal criminal, though his schemes fall flat and he doesn't have anything resembling a legit source of scratch. Now he's cooked up a plan to kidnap Congressman Chevy Chase and ransom his corrupt caboose for mucho cash. As with all of Lance's plans, this one doesn't turn out so hot. In fact, it ends with Chevy's body turned into bologna at the meat-packing plant . . . and now the phony-baloney politico is on his way to the supermarket!