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Driven to Kill

Driven to Kill (2009)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


Driven to Kill (2009) stars Steven Seagal as, we shit you not, a Russian mobster turned novelist, whose daughter is set to marry the son of his former arch rival! You've got to give Seagal credit, he's really not just doing the same thing in all of these movies. He's legitimately stretching himself and the bounds of believability with this one! Of course, nothing goes as planned and it seems the wedding was a ruse to get Seagal's character Ruslan back home, but what his enemies didn't count on is that although he's no longer a mobster, he's still got a thirst for vengeance. In fact, why didn't they call this movie Thirst for Vengeance, or Read Between the Lines to tie into the whole novelist thing, or something. Driven to Kill makes it sound like a car movie. In the film's best scene, Seagal and his buddies drop by the strip club and we get some fantastic fun baggage from Francine Cohen, Yasmine Vox, and Rita Edwards, the latter of whom slips us a little something extra when she slips a lip while doing a handstand split! That'll have you driven to kill some kittens!