Dove Cameron Is One Of The Best

While there have been many attempts to pull off the Marilyn Monroe, in my mind there has only been one person I found truly convincing: Mira Sorvino. Sure there are others out there who gave it their best and some of them are truly hot, but at the top of the list for me will always be Mira Sorvino. But I have to say, after seeing these new pictures, Dove Cameron is giving Mira Sorvino a run for her Marilyn money.

When you are a sex icon like Marilyn Monroe everyone wants to be like you, honor you, copy you, convince themselves that they are you, but when it’s done poorly—it’s pretty bad. But when it’s done right, with someone who can truly bring out that charm and sex appeal of Marilyn Monroe, it is one hell of a beautiful sight. Dove Cameron is putting it all on the table—or all the cleavage I should say—and it’s really quite amazing. Not that we need another Marilyn Monroe movie or television series, but I’m kind of hoping something comes along for Dove Cameron. And if there is nothing in the pipeline, maybe she could just do something that takes place in the 1960s.

Sure, there is only one Marilyn, but there are two who really look the part. Mira Sorvino will always a special place in my heart, but Dove Cameron is now her roommate. There’s plenty of space so, I think it’s going to be a beautiful friendship