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Sexy GIFs of Nude Women and Flowers Ezgif com video to gif   2019 05 01t121914 664 9eba8cbf web

Flowers and boobs! Two wonderful things! ... read more

#TBT to The Original Blonde Bombshell, Jean Harlow Harlow china n 03 infobox c3cd4e28 featured

She started the whole platinum blonde thing in Hollywood and we can see why. ... read more

#TBT to Blonde Beauty Barbara Loden Loden wanda tuna u 04 infobox 9824210b featured

From pin-up model to celebrated director, this naked babe did it all! ... read more

Here are GIFs of Girls Taking off Their Sweaters Bridgetbardot 46431d6c web

These bring new meaning to "sweater weather"... read more

A Lost Marilyn Monroe Nude Scene Has Been Found Monroe somethings u 08 infobox 89695fc5 featured

We found it...now where is it? ... read more

Sultry GIFs of Pinup Beauties on Screen Ezgif com video to gif  8  5b96803d web

Wowza! These vintage vixens look even better as GIFs. ... read more

#TBT to a Sexpot of Yesteryear: Jayne Mansfield Mansfield wildwild s 09 infobox 630dfa75 featured

We to celebrate Throwback Thursday with a #TBT to classic screen sirens who bared their bosom in black and white! Today we honor Jayne Mansfield, the sexy Marilyn Monroe lookalike who made a name for herself and her sweater puppies.... read more

‘Finishing Off’ with ‘Chest’ the Sleuth’s Top Ten ‘Pearl Necklace’ Adorned Celebri•titties ! Pearl necklace part 04 photo 17 a1b00b0d featured

“Mentions of the Pearl Necklace (a.k.a. The Pearly Gates) have been laced throughout many religious novels,” writes the tongue-in-cheek Uncyclopedia.... read more

‘Yo, Pilgrim!’ : Our Interest Never ‘Waynes’ When It Comes to Marilyn !! Thanksgiving part 1 photo 01 81152e71 featured

Cowboy hero John Wayne (top left) coined the term ‘Pilgrim’ to refer to a pal... read more

R.I.P Hef : The ‘Prophet of Pulchritude’ Hefner part 1 photo 01 7bd84601 featured

We pause in our review of the Raël World, to note the passing of a true ‘prophet’ and pioneer of pulchritude, Hugh Marston Hefner—without whom Raël, Mr. Skin and Celebrity Sleuth wouldn’t exist. ... read more

TV Nudity Report: American Gods Screen shot 2017 05 30 at 9 47 25 am 9ed6a3b2 featured

It was a quality over quantity type of week for boob tube nudity, with some seriously spectacular scenes for you to see!... read more

Dove Cameron Succeeds At Pulling Off The Marilyn Auxi0vq4 1fef5008 featured

Dove Cameron Is One Of The Best... read more

Camera 'Buffs' Focus on World Photography Day! Camera buffs photo 02 b011b887 featured 34947f97 featured

“August 19th is World Photography Day,” proclaims the holiday’s official site, “a day for photographers across the planet to celebrate their passion for photography. Sounds great! But what do you DO on World Photo Day?" How about writing a blog? ... read more

Soaked Celebs 'Throw in the Towel' for Towel Day! Towel day photo 01 featured image c707c556 featured

“Towel Day is celebrated every year on May 25th,” explains Wikipedia... read more

Wednesday is GOLF DAY : Time for Celebrity Tee & A Golf day photo 001 featured image 47cdaae3 featured

“That’s right, it’s GOLF DAY!” declares a headline for a leading holiday site. ... read more

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