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Don't Look Back

Don't Look Back (2009)

Brief Nudity

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The French psychodrama Don’t Look Back (2009) stars Sophie Marceau as Jeanne, a writer who suffers from memory loss and begins to find her body inexplicably changing until she turns into another woman (Monica Bellucci) and goes to Italy to find out what is happening to her. Living up to her reputation, skinternational superstar Monica shows off her perfect rackage as her Italian man slips her the salami. So don’t look away! Sophie shows off her breasticles and underwear at the one-minute mark. As the opening credits roll, Sophie readies herself in the bathroom, brushes her teeth, puts on makeup, and flashes her teats for our viewing pleasure! While flesh fiends may be a bit disappointed that there's not way more masturbation fuel in this flick, the psychological drama and bizarre fantasy elements will move you in places other than your loins. The story is, in effect, a parallel reality between the past and present, told in a style that resembles the dream-like qualities of Mulholland Dr. The fact that Don't Look Back is a debut feature from French director Marina de Van is truly a revelation. With any luck, this filmmaker will be making art for years to come, and Mr. Skin will be watching comfortably at home, likely coming as well! Check out Don't Look Back if you're into cerebral, no-nonsense, meticulously constructed flicks. It's also worth checkout out if you're only looking to fantasize about Monica or Sophie on their knees, or on their hands and knees, in front of you.