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DMZ (2022)

Brief Nudity

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DMZ (2022) is a futuristic civil war show, so buckle up. In the not-so-distant future, America is having its second Civil War and Manhattan has been designated a demilitarized zone. That's where the title, DMZ, comes from. Rosario Dawson stars as a woman who is searching for her son in this mini-series where New York City is not at all what we would recognize. Her son is on the outside, so when she gets outside of the DMZ to find her son she becomes a symbol of hope for people stuck inside. She also becomes something of a target for those fighting outside as she has to save her son and fight for her own survival all at once. Rosario does not go nude, but someone else does. Juani Feliz is nude when she is having sex with her man. We see her breasts when the pair is in the missionary position. It's traditional, but so are those beautiful tiddies. The naked Juana Feliz will make you very happy.