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Dismay (2016)

Great Nudity!

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Dismay (2016) or Siphayo as it's known in the Philippines, is an erotic drama about a naughty nurse that just might be a gold digger. Alan Paule is Dante, a self-made farmer and rice mill owner whose wife has just died of cancer. She had a hot nurse (Nathalie Hart) taking care of her until the very end, only it was Dante who she was really taking care of since the two were having an affair the whole time. As bad as it is to have been cheating on your dying wife, Dante's decisions get even worse when he names his mistress the head of the farm that Dante's two sons assumed they'd be inheriting. Both Rolando (Joem Bascom) and Conrado (Adrian Alandy) are livid with the choice, but not too mad to not try and take her from their dad. Soon enough everyone's screwing the new boss on the farm. But is she just playing a long con and planning to screw them out of everything? Honestly, Mr. Skin feels no Dismay after seeing the sexy young mistress that is about to work on the farm. Nathalie Hart is a lovely femme fatale when we see her bathing nude to show off her beautiful B's - buns, bush, and breasts. It's so beautiful that one of the characters who is secretly watching her, masturbates. Hey, we're right there you, buddy! There are some dimly lit shots of her hooters as she is getting it on in bed with the geezer we know could never please her. But don't worry, there are brighter shots of her knockers when she is also getting banged in the cornfield in broad daylight. This chickadee loves to take a roll in the hay! Elora Espano wants a turn at getting sexy, too. She undresses to show off her bra and undies on her gorgeous golden body. Warning: Dis-may give you a massive erection!