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Die zweite Heimat – Chronik einer Jugend

Die zweite Heimat – Chronik einer Jugend (1992-1993)

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The lives and loves of a group of art students are unraveled in grand style in the 13-part miniseries Die zweite Heimat- Chronik einer Jugend (aka Heimat 2: Chronicle of a Generation) (1992). This skinstallment takes us to the legendary sin city of Berlin, where country boy Hermann (Henry Arnold) is pursuing his dream of composing music. He falls in with a bohemian crowd of music and film students, all of whom hang out at the Foxhole, a mansion-cum-artist-collective run by a wealthy patroness who calls herself a “collector of artists.” The hopes, dreams, fears, and innermost desires of each member of the group are explored against the turbulent backdrop of the 1960s in this skintimate saga. The number of nudes in Die zweite Heimat is truly epic, so Mr. Skin suggests you have your bratwurst thoroughly marinated before you embark on this Teutonic tittie trip. First, Franziska Traub bares boobs and butt in episodes 1 and 2 as she tries to get country mouse Hermann into bed, then Gisela Mueller bares her pair two times in episode 4. Veronica Ferres makes a brief appearance in her briefs, and then Noemi Steuer makes the first of many nude appearances in episode 5, followed up by some fantastically furry full frontal from Irene Kugler, Ute Cremer and Anke Sevenich. Danke shoen, ladies! Noemi’s knockers are back for a brief nip slip in episode 6, but when she opens her cardigan to bare sweater kittens in episode 7, you’ll feel all warm and fuzzy in your jeans. Franziska’s back for an exotic full-frontal nightclub act in Episode 10, and Carolin Fink bares butt in an avant-garde (read: naked) photo shoot before casually strolling across the screen au natural in Episode 12. Finally, Salome Kammer follows through on the pneumatic promise of her topless scene in episode 12 with two fabulous scenes of full nudity in the final chapter. Talk about saving the breast for last!