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Der Bruch

Der Bruch (1989)

Brief Nudity


Der Bruch (1989), or The Break, is a German heist comedy set in Berlin 1946. After their crushing defeat in World War II, a group of German men decide to to change their fortunes by planning a daring heist on the headquarters of the German Railways. They succeed in their mission, and all seems to be going well until a jealous woman (Ulrike Krumbiegel) discovers what they've done and threatens to turn them in unless they give her a cut of the money. Ulrike Krumbiegel's character may be shrill and annoying, but thankfully you don't have to deal with any of that by looking at her screen caps. We get several nice looks at her backside as she attempts to put on a robe and leave a room, and there's even a flash of side boob as she settles for just throwing on a coat. It's not a great movie, but Ulrike's umlauts and glutes will steal the spunk from your sack!