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RobbyKallePaul (1989)

Great Nudity!


The desire for the opposite sex comes between three dudes in the German comedy RobbyKallePaul (1989). Set in Berlin during the late 80s, Robby (Dani Levy) shares an apartment with his girlfriend Henny (Anja Franke) and best bud Kalle (Frank Beilicke). When Robbie returns from a trip, he soon learns that his roommates have hooked up, causing Henny to find a new place to live. The remaining buddies invite their mutual friend Paul (Josef Hofmann), who is dating the irresistible Tilla (Nina Schultz), to move in with them. Kalle continues his girlfriend stealing ways by sleeping with Tilla. The apartment quickly turns into a battleground as the three dudes fight over hurt feelings and hot chicks. Maria Schrader shows full on bush and boobs as she slips into something more comfortable. Anja Franke follows suite by flashing her impressive three B’s while getting ready for some bathtub fun. Also, Nina Schultz rounds up the flick with some sideboob. These German gals are great!