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Death Becomes Her

Death Becomes Her (1992)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


This high-comedy about the low-practice of plastic surgery hits all the right notes thanks to a kick-ass cast, a good director, groundbreaking special effects--and Catherine Bell's naked body. Self-absorbed actress Meryl Streep can't resist stealing her ex-pal Goldie Hawn's men. Her latest theft is Bruce Willis, who plays a shlubbish plastic surgeon. Goldie gets so depressed that she eats herself into a size-20 muumuu and lands in a mental hospital. Years pass, and when the two ladies meet again, Goldie is the normally hot Goldie we all know and lust for. Scared that Ms. Hawn will use her refurbished fineness to steal her Die Hard hubby back, Meryl buys a youth elixir from a sorceress played by the always bewitching Isabella Rossellini. But it's the same elixir that Goldie's been guzzling! One catch, the two babes are not so much young forever as they're dead already! There are some fun moments as the two decomposing dames blast holes in each other. Don't miss Sydney Pollack as the dumbfounded doctor who examines the deceased (but she doesn't know it!) Meryl. You can also see Isabella's body double baring her gorgeous ass and breasts at the 79-minute mark. Death Becomes Her is one of those deranged movies you remember seeing on television constantly in the 90s and it was always worth a watch. It has a very clear story, great visual effects, and fantastic performances from all actors involved. Death Becomes Her also features enough nudity to create some rigor mortis in your pants!