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Das Experiment (2001)

Great Nudity!

Based on the landmark 1971 Stanford University experiment studying the psychological effects of becoming a prisoner or prison guard, Das Experiment (2001) stars Moritz Bleibtreu as Tarek Fahd, a fledgling journalist and tax cab driver struggling to make ends meet. When Tarek sees an advertisement offering cash for taking part in a psychological study, the desperate dude jumps at the opportunity and develops a plan to wear a pair of glasses fitted with a hidden camera to record and write about his experiences in hopes of reviving his writing career. The study involves twenty people—eight are assigned to be “guards” while the other twelve are “prisoners.” As Tarek exuberantly embraces his role as an inmate, the pretend prison guards begin to take their role a little too far, causing the jailed journalist to revolt, leading to a violent ending to the extreme experiment. Maren Eggert and Andrea Sawatzki spice up lock up in this psychological drama, boldly baring their beautiful boobies. These beautiful babes will have you doing hard time with yourself! 


Andrea Sawatzki

Nude - as Dr. Jutta GrimmSexy, breasts, bush, underwear

Maren Eggert

Nude - as DoraSexy, breasts, butt

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