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Dark (2017-2020)

Great Nudity!

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Germany's first Netflix original series, Dark has been compared to both Stranger Things and Twin Peaks which makes sense as there's an 80s timeline, a missing child, and something very supernatural happening at an underground government lab. What's different here, though, is that the decade doesn't matter at all. In fact, the show toggles between three: 1986, 1953, and 2019. They might as well all be the same year in the small town of Winden, and that's because they are - the "stubbornly persistent illusion" of past, present, and future is torn here, making it incredibly compelling for those who are into time travel. Those kids who keep going missing around the caves? Maybe they're not missing at all. Those mysterious strangers wandering into town? Maybe they're not really new to town. Thanks to its clever plotting and constant twists, it blew up in the USA despite having to be dubbed over in English. Other than well crafted mysteries, do you know what else translates overseas? A whole lot of Netflix nudity. Check out the well built European bodies on display all over the place, like when the teen version of Franziska Dopper, played by Gina Alice Stiebitz bares her best bits while she makes out with a lucky lad in bed, including her rack and bush. A little later and she goes skinny dipping, giving a much less darkly lit look at her cans and caboose. If that's what German girls look like, we'll find the time to travel over there! As the adult version of Regina Tiedemann, Deborah Kaufmann had us wanting to do some very adult activities with her, when she pulled her right boob out of her robe. That's one gorgeous globe! Maja Schöne shows her rack too as she's banging a dude, while Luise Heyer and Antje Traue keep their duds on as they explore each other's bodies. Finally, teen Martha Nielsen let's us know what perky teen breasts look like when Lisa Vacari takes her top off to let some dude put his worm in her hole, on the wormhole show. Considered one of Netflix's best original shows ever, it sure helped that Dark wasn't light on the female nudity.