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Dana Delany: Every Nude Scene


Delectable Dana Delany and her dynamic dingers have heated up the small screen in shows like China Beach and Desperate Housewives, but it's her work on the big screen that got our attention, and brought us to full attention. Here's a look at some of Dana's dirtiest moments, and we kick things off with the notorious 1994 flop Exit to Eden that's best remembered for bringing us Dana in the buff. First up is a scene of Dana climbing out of a pool fully nude, showing off her boppers and beav while her fully nude assistant helps her into a robe. The we get a hint of nip as Dana takes a bath, then revealing her rump as she rises out of the water. Dana's left lobber gets the Brando butter treatment in clip three as a guy butters up her boob and gets ready to feast on it, and the fourth clip has Dana looking dreamily domineering in a dominatrix outfit. From there we move to 1995's Live Nude Girls where Dana presents her plump patootie for a spanking. If that doesn't have you spanking yourself, then how about 1992's Light Sleeper where Dana's right tit and her trim are visible while she cuddles Willem Dafoe on the floor. There's plenty more Dana in this playlist, including a scintillating sapphic smooch with Julie Benz on Desperate Housewives. Dana Delany will have you draining your vein-y!


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