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Cross the Line

Cross the Line (2020)

Brief Nudity

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Cross the Line (2020) is an action thriller from director David Victori that explores people being pushed to their limit. A man meets a troubled young woman and he goes home with her. They hook up and it turns out that she really likes rough, dark sex. They have very rough sex after a night of drinking, drugs, and tattoos. He feels that he has to defend himself at one point which winds up making a bloody crime scene. That's right. The man in question, played by Spanish star Mario Casas, accidentally commits a murder and has to clean everything up so that he does not end up going to jail. Will anyone believe this was self-defense? Is it even worth his time and energy to try and convince anyone? You will have to watch this film to find out. The dark and sexy woman in the movie is Mila who is played to perfection by the raven-haired Milena Smit. Milena is the perfect vampy vixen with tattoos on her tiny body, dark eyeliner, and fishnet tights under her black dress. She mounts him in one scene and demands that he rip off her dress. He does so and we get a good look at her perky pair. Her pink nipples are hard and happy as they continue foreplay to eventually have some pretty rough sex. He winds up choking her even and she seems to love it. From her beautiful breasts to her buns, Milena Smit is definitely IT.