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Crank 2: High Voltage

Crank 2: High Voltage (2009)

Brief Nudity

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In the blockbuster action sequel Crank 2: High Voltage (2009), Jason Statham reprises his role as hitman Chev Chelios. This time around, Chinese gangsters have stolen Chev’s heart and replaced it with an artificial one that he has to keep charged by repeated electric shocks. Along the way he meets up with a prostitute named Ria (Bai Ling), his old girlfriend Eve Lydon (Amy Smart), and the leader of the Asian street gang The Triads, Poon Dong (David Carradine). The movie features nudity from Bai Ling as well as porn star Jenna Haze and some uncredited extras. Best of all, there’s a lip slip from Amy as the dude she's wrestling with hikes up her thong. The boobs she seemingly flashes during an insane sex scene on a racetrack belong to body double though. Crank? Spank. You can see Jenna Haze at the 31-minute mark shaking her luscious tits on the roof of a car. She even emplores us with a "suck my f***ing tits". No problem, babe! Bai wastes no time showing her breasts at the 16-minute mark when she gets kicked out of a house and rolls over to reveal a left nip slip. A few minutes later, there's another slip of sweet left nip when she runs after Statham in a loose shirt with no bra. Crank 2: High Voltage will certainly get you to pull out your member and do some self-cranking. It's just a bit of a shame that the female specimens in this flick didn't show more.