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Coyotes (2021)

Brief Nudity

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Much like the real life wild animals, you'd better watch out for The Coyotes, a Belgian Netflix series that debuted on the streaming platform in early December, 2021. The series takes its name from a tight knit group of camping enthusiasts, including Belgian beauts Victoria Bluck and Dara Tombroff, meet at summer camp for a trip that will change all of their lives forever. While partying hard far away from the main group of campers, the quintet known as Coyotes stumble in a drug and drunken haze into a cave where they come upon a hidden stash of diamonds. The friends decide to divvy up and sell the diamonds, which naturally leads to all manner of unforeseen complications, after the initial celebratory period! That's the period we like best because it's the one where can see Dara Tombroff topless in the tub with a guy and watch Victoria Bluck party hard in her bikini! If you're wondering whether or not this is all headed to some camping related showdown, there's a very strong possibility that's what happens by the end of this miniseries. Like, the campers decide to meet with the owners of the diamonds in the woods and they've set up all manner of Home Alone-esque booby traps, showing that they're smarter and more cunning than the big bad career criminals. Or something, who can say for sure? One thing we know uis that the nudity from Dara Tombroff is a real diamond in the roughs of this overcooked series that tries just a little too hard to be Belgian Riverdale.