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Cleanflix (2009)

Brief Nudity

Cleanflix is a documentary following Daniel Thompson, devout Mormon and video store franchise owner through a rather intense legal battle. He was one of many to jump in on the Cleanflix revolution that swept Utah DVD stores, an attempt to sanitize Hollywood blockbusters and make them acceptable for families and the Mormon faith. The process was simple: Video store owners would purchase popular titles and remove the nudity, sex, and profanity, and then resell them to concerned families and individuals. This went along good and well until Hollywood found out and sued the company, of course, but Daniel Thompson kept right on going, simply changing the name and selling more movies. That is, until he was caught committing an atrocious and illegal sexual act. Naturally, a documentary about scrubbing scandalous movies would point out the very content that got this company started, wouldn't it? There's a boatload of sexy clips in this documentary, all from famous Hollywood blockbusters like Titanic, The Big Lebowski, Sin City, and Braveheart.  Side note: I think we might be the opposite of Cleanflix. 

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