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Call Girl

Call Girl (2012)

Great Nudity!

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The Swedish thriller Call Girl (2012) deals with the very real phenomenon of prostitution in the upper echelons of society. The members of the most wealthy and powerful social class in Sweden in the 1970s would scour the back alleys and poor parts of town for girls, many of whom had not yet reached the age of consent, and sold them into this terrible world from which there was no escape.  Despite that downer of a subject, the film does feature some fantastic flesh! We get to see some terrific toplessness from Ruth Vega Fernandez as she screws a guy and walks around after with her robe open. Later in the film, Sofia Karemyr & Josefin Asplund undress each other, taking off their tops to show their breasts from the side, and Josefin has her top taken off to show her breasts to two guys. We also get boobs and buns from Sofia once again and phenomenal full frontal action courtesy of Maria Alm Norell! Call Girl will make you tall, boy!