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Britannia (2018-2021)

Brief Nudity

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This show is part Celtic history, part Celtic lore, and part Roman conquest, making for one hell of an Amazon Prime drama! The year is 43 AD, and the Romans are back to conquer the warring Celtic tribes for the second time, since during the first, they were rightfully scared off by the creepy druids. Magic might be nothing to mess with, but the Celts' land has tons of tin, and the Romans aren't content with letting them keep it. So, where Julius Caesar failed, Aulua Plautius (David Morrissey) is convinced he can succeed, as long as he can get some of those magic wielding druids on his side. Since the druids are constantly fighting tribe against tribe against each other, he just might have a shot, as long as he plays his cards right. Often compared to a more historically based Game of Thrones, Britannia didn't have quite the same amount of tits as HBO's massive hit, but there were some. Annabel Scholey goes topless during the first season as she sexes a man to bond with his tribe, while Liana Cornell shows cleavage as she seduces her captor. Later, Liana will get lezzy with Caoilfhionn Dunne as they make out in the woods. Charde Pinnock will tease your cock in a surprisingly modern looking, low cut black dress that might surprise you with how busty the thin black babe is, while her elder Sophie Okonedo will show plenty of cleavage as well. We even see Kelly Reilly's cans as she gets murdered as part of a druid sacrifice. We're spilling all sorts of fluids to the sexy druids in Britannia!