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The Chris Isaak Show

The Chris Isaak Show (2001-2004)

Brief Nudity


The Chris Isaak Show is sort of like The Monkees for the new millennium, only with tits. That puts it just a nipple ahead of the pre-fab four. Isaak and his band Silvertone play rock star Chris Isaak and his band Silvertone on this Showtime sitcom that ran from 2001 to 2004. But that's not all. Isaak's mom on the show is his actual mom, Dorothy Isaak, and all sorts of celebrities appeared as version of themselves, including a beaming, nippy in a pink dress Bai Ling. We'd like to do a bad, bad thing with those great tits! It might sound like a disaster on paper, but the quirky rockabilly singer makes this weird premise work, with hilarious Seinfeld-like surreal misadventures encompassing every episode. From a brush with the law landing Chris in a community service work crew with some other rock and rollers to Chris' day to day life in the suburbs where people have stopped caring about their famous neighbor, this show became a cult classic among even those who didn't care about Isaak's music. The weirdest part of the show was when Chris would consult the naked mermaid Mona (Bobby Jo Moore) who was always lying in bed naked. That busty blonde with the big butt was reason to watch, alone. And to watch it alone! But there was even more skin that meant we came watching the dude who sang "Wicked Game." Stellina Rusich has a look at her full frontal body in the mirror, which lets us see every bit of ass and tit, while Kristen Dattilo manages to successfully cover her cans with her hands when she goes nude. Add to that an undie look at Marisa Rudiak and you'll wish you lived Chris' life of sex, we'll skip the drugs for more sex, and rock and roll like we see on The Chris Isaak Show!